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viJournal Lite 2.1.3

viJournal Lite 2.1.3

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viJournal Lite Editor's Review

viJournal Lite is a program that can be used as an old fashion diary by using your computer instead of the hand writing.

Lots of people save their thoughts by writing them somewhere. There is the possibility to use an old fashion diary but, of course, if you don't like handwriting there's the computer option.

You can post your everyday thoughts onto a blog because blogging has become more popular with every day. But, (there's always a but) if you wouldn't like the fact that anybody can see what are you thinking there are offline solutions such as this program.

Considering the fact that it is a Lite version, this program does a lot of things. Even if the offline possibility of writing of your own thoughts seems to be a little bit insecure, this program has the solution. It has a very good security module featuring digest algorithms like md5, sha1 and crc32 (not supported by default) and ciphers like BlowFish and TwoFish. It seems to be secure enough.

In order to use this kind of security you need to use your own encryption key or you can use the program's key generator engine. It is strongly recommended by the producers to store that key into a safe place because, without that, you won't be able to read your past thoughts.

You can use multiple types of passwords for this application: a main password and a locking password. I think that the application looks secure enough for the people who think that their own privacy must be highly protected.

The interface looks quite good and the functionality is decent for this Lite version. You can create sessions for every daily entry. This session functionality comes with some limitations though.

It has built in a nice browser for all your past entries which works very quickly and easily. It has a 'Notes' engine too, where you can access your notes or use the 'Scratch Pad'. The interface has also built in a quick search engine.

The producer implemented a nice option, the Aqua interface. This interface is for the ones who don't like the Brushed Metal interface and would like to use the old one.

Pluses: it is free, it has great security, it is well organized and very stable.

Drawbacks / flaws: this version is the Lite version. This means a free lightweight version of viJounal.

In conclusion: if you don't like the fact that anybody can see your thoughts onto a blog and at the same time you don't like the handwriting, then this application can be your solution.

version reviewed: 1.7.2

viJournal Lite Publisher's Description

viJournal Lite is a free lightweight version of viJournal. It's designed as an analogue of the good old-fashioned page-a-day bound diary - the kind you buy in a stationer's.

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